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Your Last Wish.....Body Organ Donating
It is never the right time to discuss Body Organ Donating. Its emotional, powerful. Even upsetting.
...A discussion on it, would certainly give all concerned a relief of not having to make a decision as tp wether Donate or not.
One thought is for sure, there is a chance another person's life could be saved or improved. Possibly more than one.
...It is massively important you speak to family or nearest, before taking any action...

...... If you were in need of a transplant, would you be appreciative and be thankful for one, who has donated.
This, is a subject with no boundaries.
...On clickingthrough the web site you will have some guidance. Including religious beliefs and laws.
... A single organ donor may save up to eight people and a single tissue donor may enhance the lives of up to 50 people. Tissues include, bones, tendons (both referred to as musculoskeletal grafts), corneae, skin, heart valves, nerves and veins
.Some organ donation facts are that a person is added to the national organ transplant waiting list every 12 minutes and that more than 6,500 people die each year before receiving a transplant.
Organ donation is necessary.
Were are not liable for any information given.

It is Never too Late
....Organs can be donated only by individuals on a ventilator who die in a hospital of brain death, or in some cases, seriously brain-injured patients can donate organs after cardiac death.
....However, tissue and eye donation can occur when someone dies at home within 24 hours of death.
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