Your Last Wish .Prepaid.Funeral Plan

A funeral plan, can save your family worry and expense and help make things easier for your loved ones at a difficult time.
..When the time comes, one phone call to the chosen funeral director is all thats needed to activate the plan.
...Everything will then be taken care of and carried out according to your wishes, relieving your family of the stress and financial worry they may otherwise have to face.
Avoid rising funeral costs.. Funeral costs in the UK are rising every year.
...While the average cost of a funeral in 2004 was approx. £1,900, today its anythimg up to and over £5,000.
.... Independent funeral directors, sometimes charge less than the large corporates.
...If you're aged 50 t
o 80 and a UK resident, you're guaranteed to be accepted for a Funeral Plan.
...We give just a hint of what it involves, and ask if really thinking of making a move in this direction, we may guide you towards a contact with meaningful authorities.
Average costs ....
2004.... £1960........2018 ... £4240
2026 ....£7010........2035... £12550

All information given is for guidance only. ..........

It is Never too Late
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BEWARE.....Look Out For not reliable websites..... BEWARE

Some of the funeral plans are with companies, that are not recognised with any Financial Pretection Authority and you could lose all money at a time when needed..
Firms signed up with the FPA (Funeral Planning Authority) have indicated.. that no matter what, your finances will be ok
visiting may be of help....
make sure all is included:
doctors fee,cremation,.church costs..and more